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Roller Blinds – Sunview Sunfilter

Priced from: $90
As the name suggest sunfilter roller blinds from The Blindstore filter the harsh sunlight to protect the inside of your home whilst maintain a view through the blind, ideal to control light and heat and improve the living environment in your home or office. We highly recommend you order free samples of the fabric colours as computer screen resolutions can alter the colour appearance of fabrics.  




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About Roller Blinds – Sunview Sunfilter

All Roller Blinds produced in 7 days

Sunfilter roller blinds are designed to minimize heat and glare whilst maintaining your view when looking through the blind.  This is achieved by using a fabric that has an open weave, simply it is a fabric made of polyester and coated with polymer that has small aperture’s in it that let some but not all light and heat through.  The fabric we use at The Blindstore is 5% open, this means only five percent of the Solar radiation penetrates through the fabric.

Sunfilter fabric comes in a range of colours, that have slightly different solar properties, for example:

  • White  – this reflects more heat and glare but visibility is reduced
  • Black – this absorbs more heat but is easier to see through

So when deciding on colour it is not only your décor that it important to match but also hoe the colour helps to reduce heat and glare whilst maintaining your view.

Operation is simple with a chain used to lift or lower the fabric or try our Automated system with touch control, options of rolling the fabric off the back to get it close to the glass for better insulation or off the front to avoid door and window hardware are available.

All The Blindstore roller blinds come with a heavy duty aluminium roller tube to support the fabric across the span of the blind keeping the fabric flat and straight

Options of round and oval bottom rails in anodized or powdercoated colours are available


  • Roller tube: 45mm heavy duty aluminium
  • Chain available in endless loops with no joiner
  • Chain colours: White, Black, Grey, Off white and Metal
  • Bottom rail profiles: Oval Shape or Round Shape
  • Bottom rail colours: White, Off White, Cream, Black, Annodised
  • Inside or outside frame mounting available
  • Supplied: All installation brackets and fixing screws supplied
  • Warranty: 5 yrs


Roller Blind Bottom Rail Options

The Blindstore offers 2 bottom rail profiles so your blind hangs nicely and is finished with a modern decorative rail, that can be a contrast or similar colour to the fabric you choose.

Oval Bottom Rail available in Annodised, White, Off White, Cream and Black

Oval Bottom Rail

Round Bottom Rail available in Annodised, White, Off White, Cream and Black

Round Bottom Rail

Roller blind Control Options

Roller blinds can be controlled in a number of ways, we offer the following

  • Chain Control  – blinds are lifted and lowered using a chain mechanism attached to the blind. This is our standard operating system.
  • Automated Control – we offer a Wirefree, rechargeable motor with handheld remote control to make it easy to operate the blinds at the touch of a button. If you automate your blinds, you may want to take advantage of our WIFI Hub accessory that allows you to link and control your blinds through an app on your phone and or through Alexa and Google Home.

Download Programming instructions for our Wirfree motor and Wifi Hub setup below.

Wirefree motor programming

Wifi Hub Setup


Fabric Specifications: Sunview

  • Composition: 30% Polyester, 70% PVC
  • Openness factor: 5%
  • Weight: 410 grams per square metre
  • Thickness: 0.55mm +/- 5%
  • Colour fastness to Light: Grade 7/8
  • Fire Classification NFPA701 & BS5867
  • Cut using an ultrasonic cutting machine to seal the edges of the fabric

Download Sunview fabric Specifications here – Sunview fabric Specifications

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Roller Blinds – Sunview Sunfilter colour options

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